Can Snow Damage Your Pavement If You Don’t Remove It?

During winter, your pavement will experience the harsh weather and cold temperature of the season. Moisture becomes snow when the temperature goes below 32°F. An air frost happens when the temperature of the air dips below 32°F. Even when air temperatures are over 32°F, snowing can occur; however, air frosts are extremely rare when ground temperatures are above 32°F.

Sidewalk Cobblestone pavement covered with snow and ice

You should know that it’s not just the low temperature that affects or damages your pavement surface but the continuous cycle of freeze and thaw during winter. The snow that has been compiled will melt and cause pooling which will run through the cracks in the asphalt then suddenly freezes and which will put pressure into the cracks and expands the holes further, creating more dents, depressions, and potholes. The asphalt surface easily absorbs heat from external sources such as the sun and melts the snow easily on the ground which can instantly result in pooling and water running off—worst-case scenario, it can cause flooding issues.

So, in the question if snow could damage your pavement in not removed. The answer is yes. Your pavement will need precautionary measures and thorough planning to ensure safety and avoid damage. The winter season carries a lot of problems for roads, driveways –typically the asphalt surface.

These are actions you can take for the winter season:

  • Remove debris before winter starts – large ones can be quite a problem when plowing and can damage the asphalt surface.
  • Hire a professional to inspect your pavement to find any damages such as depressions, holes, or cracks
  • If it’s still possible, try filling the cracks with a seal coat – to prevent more damage. Note: Cold mix asphalt is recommended since it does not require heating and will allow the hole to stay patched.
  • Observe any pooling water
  • Keep your pavement free from snow and water by shoveling it regularly. It’s better to do some snow removal before it melts and becomes a danger to your pavement. Just be careful when plowing since it can also damage the surface if not done right. The loosened aggregate soil is dangerous.
  • Use deicers like salt sparingly. It can also damage the surface except if your pavement is professionally installed.
  • Let professionals repair the potholes for more efficient work.

Learning all of this is very practical. So, when someone asks Can Snow Damage Your Pavement If You Don’t Remove it? Teaching the person what you know to promote awareness which will be very beneficial for the community.